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The best of Squiz: greatest hits 2023

142 customer go-lives, 210 product updates, 56 events globally... just the tip of the iceberg! Here's a closer look at what dropped in 2023.
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Ed Braddock 30 Nov 2023

2023 – what a year. Elon Musk rebranded Twitter to ‘X’ (we’re still not sure why), Apple released its Vision Pro goggles, Netflix cracked down on password sharing, and EVERYONE was talking about AI. It was a big year in tech land, and it was no different for Squiz. Let's take a Squiz* at our best bits...

*  to clarify, for our non-Aussies – taking a Squiz means to take a closer look. 😉


We were pumped to rank again in Gartner's DXP Magic Quadrant 2023.
*Pssst! We've ranked every year since the category's inception in 2018.

We didn't stop there though. We're thrilled to also be recognized as:

  • Leader – Omdia Universe: Digital Experience Management 2022-23
  • High Performer – G2: Fall 2023 Americas Regional Grid Report
  • Leader – GigaOm Radar for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) 2023-24

We’ll keep pushing boundaries, innovating, and setting new industry benchmarks so that customers benefit.


We’re immensely proud to have delivered 142 projects for customers across ANZ, EMEA, and the US. They came in all shapes and sizes, but what everyone wanted was a fast turnaround!

Customers partnered with us to ship projects as diverse as:

  • New sites built and designed in three days,
  • A major website personalization project turned around in a week,
  • A brand-new intranet live in three months.

Build brilliant experiences fast, we say!

Browse our customer stories page for all our inspiring customer work. Here are our most popular ones:


You asked, we listened, we built it. During 2023, we released a huge number of new capabilities and features because you asked for them! All are aimed at helping you build brilliant experiences, really fast. We see a theme here! 😉

Build web pages at speed with the Component Service

Being slowed down by developer backlogs to get anything built? We heard you loud and clear!

This release empowers developers, marketing, content editors, and web managers to work collaboratively, and at speed.

  • Developers can build functional components using industry-standard developer frameworks.
  • Marketers and content editors can use these no-code components to create pages without relying on developers.
  • Web managers can centrally govern content workflows and compliance at scale, right from the Squiz DXP.

Discover more.

Nail personalization with the Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Tired of fragmented data sources that make personalization impossible?

The new CDP makes it easy to generate a single customer profile by unifying data from different business systems and channels.

  • Consolidate customer data, behaviors, and preferences from any digital source.
  • Create user segments to deliver real-time personalized experiences across channels.
  • Identify trends from customer data to make data-driven decisions.
  • Manage data compliance, privacy, and security in line with regulations.

Learn more.

Spin up dynamic forms fast, without code

Launch complex forms in minutes! Build forms without technical support with our newly released Advanced Forms feature.

  • Reduced reliance on developers.
  • Customized forms for all your unique needs.
  • A central source of forms and responses.

Check it out.


Security is a big deal, but you're not on your own. At Squiz, we shoulder the responsibility with customers by ensuring our platform is enterprise-grade secure.

Our SaaS platform is frequently upgraded with new tools and programs necessary to achieve the highest security standards. We monitor the threat landscape to stay ahead of cyber security risks so customers don't have to.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized certification – the bread and butter of security. This year, we’ve re-certified from ISO 27001:2013 to ISO 27001:2022, ensuring we’re operating within the latest requirements of the certification.

Invested in security. ISO 27001:2022

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks surged 65% in 2023 Q3 alone. The assurance of a SaaS solution is more valuable than ever. Our partnership with Cloudflare, a connectivity and security leader protects customers' digital experiences from threats, 24/7.

A UK-based Squiz customer fell victim to a hacktivist DDoS attack earlier this year. The value of our DXP's Cloudflare shield became evident, fast. The attack lasted for 47 hours, generating a total of 474.99M total requests to their site. Because they were behind Cloudflare on our SaaS DXP, 97.22% were blocked by DDoS and WAF protection.

Speak to us if you want to know if, and how, you can get the same protection.


Squiz is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2040. Our Environmental & Carbon Emissions Policy outlines the measures we’re taking to reach our goal, including:

  • Continuing the responsible disposal and recycling of electronic products.
  • Introducing recycling programs for office waste.
  • Prioritizing procurement from environmentally-conscious suppliers.
  • Purchasing carbon offsets for business travel to compensate for carbon emissions.
  • Planting trees vs. gifting to show our appreciation to customers for participating in initiatives.
  • Procuring electricity through Amazon Web Services and data centers.

Squiz to become carbon neutral by 2040


Did you know that Squiz has a cross-functional team of digital transformation strategy consultants available to customers?

While organizations define clear visions and goals, we've learned that many struggle with the capacity or headspace to define clear pathways to achieve them. This holds too many critical projects back.

So we got to work. In 2023, Squiz completed:

  • 113 Deep Dive workshops.
  • 92 success plans (with many more in the works!).

What's a Deep Dive? Our strategy experts run workshops (ranging from two hours to multi-days) to help cross-functional teams define, prioritize, and align on programs of work that deliver on their vision. 

Following the workshop, we craft tailored (vendor-agnostic) success plans that arm them with tangible short-, mid-, and long-term actions so they can progress right away.

87 Deep Dives

Talk to us about exploring a Deep Dive to see if it could help.


You demand a stable platform because you cannot afford performance downtime. So, our Customer Support team's mission is to ensure that any issues are handled quick smart!

In relation to incidents, 2023 saw a:

  • 25% decrease in cases.
  • 15% faster resolution time.
  • 100% incident response time of 30 minutes or under.

All of this on top of our rapid action and resolution of general support tickets to boot.  

Our team loves what they do, and is immensely proud that customers rate their satisfaction 4.8 out of 5!


We try to create and share content that addresses real-world challenges (not fluffy hype). To do that, we tap into the brightest minds under our roof, and that of wonderful partners, leading influencers, and inspiring customers.  

Here's a snapshot of our most watched/read pieces from 2023.

The videos you couldn’t get enough of

Content Management demo – Most watched by our community, our top video takes a closer look at our Content Management capability. This video demonstrates how our flexible, low-code enterprise content management system is designed to manage multiple sites with many editors.

Runners up:

The blogs that kept you scrolling

Marketing and Content Teams: A step-by-step guide to web personalization [with templates] – Our most popular blog of 2023 puts theory into practice, outlining how you can create and execute an achievable personalization strategy for your website. Check it out.

Runners up:

The webinars that had you hooked 

Advanced Forms – First up, you loved learning about our Advanced Forms capability. As a new release, we showed you how to craft customizable forms, without code, in minutes. Watch the webinar.

Runners up:

The LinkedIn posts you gave a thumbs up to

7,300+ of you joined our LinkedIn community in the last year – welcome!

7,300+ people joined our LinkedIn community

Which posts did you enjoy most?

  1. Announcing our new partnership with Slalom – a global business and consulting partner we were very proud to shout about
  2. Squiz ranks in Gartner’s magic quadrant – marking our spot on the Digital Experience Platforms quadrant for the 12th year in a row
  3. Celebrating 25 years in the biz! – what a milestone, we loved that so many people celebrated this one with us

Screenshots of our most popular social posts


One of the cornerstones of our success has been the phenomenal growth of the Squiz partner ecosystem. This year, we were proud to grow this by a staggering 500%.

Agency partners:

From design and strategy to implementation, our agency partners come with heaps of experience and expertise across different sectors – ensuring that we're providing our customers with the latest technology, tools, and services.

A handful of the agency partners who joined us in 2023 include...

  • Slalom – a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company. Helping companies learn from their data, create incredible digital experiences, and make the most of new tech.
  • Frontstage Digital – simplifying digital marketing, building trust and connections through customer journeys.
  • Ladoo – award-winning end-to-end solutions and services provider using the latest technology. Well known for their work optimizing systems using open source technologies.
  • HighMonkey – a software development agency committed to sustainable solutions.

500% growth in partner ecosystem

Software partners:

Our software partners help Squiz to deliver the most efficient, flexible, and composable DXP. Ensuring that our platform is suited to your unique organizational needs – whether that be a need for a curriculum management system or DAM (Digital Asset Management) tool.

A handful of the software partners who joined us in 2023 include...

  • Flowingly – a process mapping and workflow automation platform that integrates seamlessly with the Squiz DXP. Helping customers accelerate automation, without adding a strain on employees.
  • CourseLoop – an end-to-end curriculum management system with ease of integration and user experience to elevate student success.
  • Allied Pixel – a data-driven personalized video producer for higher education and nonprofits. Universities have found that students who watch their personalized videos are twice as likely to enroll as students who don't.

These partnerships add to our composable DXP, helping us cater to customers’ individual needs and create digital experiences that are truly tailored to users.

Stay tuned for 2024 – we expect to exponentially multiply the number of partners on board!

Reach out if you'd like to learn more about joining the Squiz partner ecosystem.


Boy, did we get busy in 2023!

Events get us out and about doing what we can't get enough of – talking to customers, industry experts, and peers about the issues that matter. We learned, laughed, lingered, and loved every minute of it.

56 events attended and hosted in 2023! You might have bumped into our friendly faces at any one of these:

  • 31 conferences – 20 speaking sessions, hosted round tables and workshops.
  • 18 webinars and podcasts.
  • 7 user meet-ups.

Collage of Squiz at events


This year we released so much new training to arm customers with convenient learning support 24/7 on Squiz Academy:

  • 43 new eLearning modules created.
  • 3 new in-person training courses added.
  • 27 existing courses updated.

5,532 customers completed courses this year. Are you one of those staying ahead of the curve?

If you’re a customer who's keen to get the most out of your DXP, check out a whole host of training videos available on Squiz Academy.

Top courses our Squiz community loved the most in 2023:

  1. Content Management – getting started
  2. Matrix 5 – getting started
  3. Squiz Search – getting started


Finally, we toast (not roast!) the people behind the scenes working to make brilliant digital experiences possible every day!

A snapshot of our People and Culture statistics. Also included below in the body.

In 2023…

  • We celebrated 25 years of Squiz,
  • Promoted 78 employees,
  • Welcomed 52 new starters across 16 different locations globally,
  • Helped 65 managers reach their prime with dedicated leadership training,
  • Celebrated 18% of employees having been with Squiz for more than 10 years,
  • Welcomed 15 new Squiz babies….awww!

25 years of Squiz. What an achievement. And this year has been a BIG one! Not only have we seen immense improvements for our clients, but our team and culture continue to grow and thrive. We’re so proud to see so many Squizzers develop professionally this year, and we’re excited to continue to support them through their individual journeys.   Our people are undoubtedly at the heart of everything we do – they live by the Squiz mission of creating services online that improve lives offline, and work hard every day to arm customers with the tools they need to come as they are and build brilliant experiences, fast.”


The GREATEST thanks belong to our incredible customers, partners, and staff. YOU have made this an unbelievable year!

As Jerry Maguire once said, "You (all) ...complete me."  
[Sniff. You've got us in our feels.]

No matter what comes ahead, our mission remains constant – To create experiences online, that impact lives offline. 

So, come as you are. Build brilliant experiences fast, on a platform that embraces change.

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