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The customer

Burness Paull is a top tier Scottish law firm. From tech to private equity their clients are among the most exciting UK and international corporates. Two things make them tick: delivering results and being easy to deal with.

The challenge

Despite its stylish exterior, Burness Paull had one of the poorest performing websites of any of the top 200 UK law firms (as highlighted in The Lawyer magazine, 2019).

Built on old technology that was difficult to update, the site had a number of major issues:

  • It was structured to reflect how the firm was organised and not how a user would want to use it
  • Lack of SEO optimisation meant it ranked very poorly
  • After landing on the homepage nobody was scrolling or clicking further
  • Too much content was being presented at the wrong time to the wrong people
  • Search functionality was poor quality and not prominent
  • The website was a disaster on mobile devices

The new site was designed to encourage users to explore and engage with content. As a result of this external users have been spending more time on pages: Average time spent on a page has improved by 164%

Graeme Cleland
Head of Communications, Burness Paull LLP
The approach

With a lack of in-house resources looking at the client-facing online footprint, an expanded team was brought on by the Digital Marketing Manager.

Their objective to become the most digitally engaged firm in Scotland with best-in-class strategies across all relevant digital communication channels, site performance, and capabilities. Goals included:

  • Improve Burness Paull’s SEO visibility
  • Increase site-wide customer engagement with strategically placed content, e.g. insights and news articles
  • Increase customer conversions
  • Improve quality and diversity of careers applications
The results

Squiz conducted a research phase, covering competitor analysis, interviewing internal and external stakeholders to develop personas, to assist with internal buy-in, and create a solution balanced between creativity and functionality.

Optimized for mobile, their new site not only has a new structure but a homepage designed to encourage users to explore and engage with their content. A new smart search bar powered by Funnelback acts as a people, content, and sector finder. Allowing visitors to quickly surface the most relevant information to them. Implementation of a more sophisticated method of tagging content that means it can be surfaced to users at times when it is most likely to be relevant.

The improvements created based on their users will help Burness Paull to continue their mission: delivering results and being easy to deal with. The firm will use analytics to develop and grow, with the new site providing intelligence to help drive business strategy.

  • 164% improvement in time spent on page
  • Vastly improved SEO ranking across key search terms
  • In-house team able to quickly and easily update content as required
  • Increased new business enquiries

A search for “corporate lawyers scotland” pre-launch would find the Burness Paull on the second page in search results. Due to the vastly improved technology behind our new site, the page is now ranking on the 4th position on the first page for the same query.

Graeme Cleland
Head of Communications, Burness Paull LLP
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