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The challenge

Credit Union Australia - CUA Health has been a health insurer for over 40 years, and was named the top-rated health insurance provider in 2019 by Australian consumers on Product Review. Despite this success, CUA Health faced two main challenges for the future.

  • Firstly, the federal government's health reforms were swiftly approaching and required the business to significantly change the state of the product suite, as well as be prepared to offer new discounts, hospital categories and clear information to users at a critical, confusing time.
  • Secondly, the existing digital quoting and purchase journey was inadequate to meet these needs and wasn’t performing optimally with existing traffic. A drastic change was required that would serve both business and user experience purposes.

"Government Reforms were a non-negotiable delivery for CUA Health and had a key deadline of 1 April 2019 to start providing these changes to the public. We also wanted to ensure that we were providing the simplest and most seamless user journey possible for the best user experience across all digital devices."

Sarah Bartle
Digital Sales and Performance Analyst - CUA Health
The approach

CUA had several key deliverables to meet:

  • Purchase via mobile with ease without compromising accessibility
  • Product filtering based on new Government health tiers
  • Exact price quotes based on user specifications and lifetime health cover loading, with options available
  • Instant new memberships via integration with their Health system
  • Key validations ensuring clean data submissions reducing internal operational effort
  • Seamless, professional and trustworthy experience improving overall sales conversion rate

The solution

CUA Health commenced a project with Squiz to redesign the user experience and functionality of their health insurance application form and product picker. Their existing partnership with Squiz provided confidence the project requirements could be met with Squiz Matrix CMS.

Their previous application process used a combination of online, phone and paper - providing a clunky, disjointed user experience for the applicant and cumbersome, slow processing times for CUA Health.

The new application form is wholly online and streamlines the end-to-end front and back end journey for both the applicant and employee. Integrations with HAMBS (Hospital and Medical Benefits System) and CANSTAR provide rapid look-ups across data sets and accurate product pricing.

Squiz led the design and UX phases to ensure the new form was intuitive and easy to use, with the aim of increasing form completion rates.

A new, slick mobile-friendly design made the form feel like a seamless extension of the CUA Health website by incorporating the brand's look and feel.

The results
  • Sales conversion rate more than doubled
  • 2000% increase in quotes emailed to the user
  • 400% increase in mobile transactions
  • Social media contributing to sales, now that the journey is mobile-friendly with easily discoverable product information
  • More users making it through to each step of the purchase funnel

The biggest achievement is that we delivered every element of the project that we originally set out to do, on time. This was an incredible achievement given the many moving parts and tight deadline, but we were all able to collaborate effectively for a fantastic final solution. Their (Squiz) dedication to achieving the best outcome and integrity of work was commendable and appreciated.

Sarah Bartle
Digital Sales and Performance Analyst - CUA Health
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