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The customer

Legal & General is a British multinational financial services company, headquartered in London. Its products include life insurance, general insurance, pensions, and investments

The challenge

Legal & General was facing some challenges with their current search tool and needed a new platform. Legal & General went to tender and selected Squiz as their digital partner. Switching to Funnelback, Legal & General found a more robust search platform that delivered functionality beyond basic search to drive member satisfaction and empowered the team to have greater control of the search experience.

With Funnelback the team at Legal & General hope to overcome their challenges and have a platform that would:

  • Improve user experience
  • Index a multitude of separate systems
  • Personalize search and provide a flexible local directory
  • Guide users to the right content
  • Integrations with major databases and payment systems
  • Provide tools for automated content migration

Funnelback allows us to see clearly what we need to do next and we’re working with Funnelback to fine-tune our search and get the customers the results they’re looking for first time round.

Dan Foster
Legal and General
The approach

A highly configurable and sophisticated platform was needed, to cater to diverse brand, design, content, and styling requirements. Squiz began a discovery phase to gain an understanding of key user needs and to define the solution requirements.

Funnelback was implemented across all L&G systems. Funnelback provided a dynamically updated search template with a logical programmatic language called Freemarker, which ensures that navigational components of the site are kept up to date on the search page, and makes it easier to maintain. The L&G web team was happy to be able to move from an XSLT style sheet-based template system to a more natural HTML/CSS editing environment.

Squiz deployed a smart and robust Funnelback search implementation, and L&G was impressed by the in-built Funnelback SEO Auditor, which gives a ranking summary, guidelines for optimizing the ranking, and the ability to share optimization reports with nonadministrators.

The results

Funnelback improved the search efficiency and not only does it translate into a better intranet experience for the staff, but also into real business benefits for the organization. The new platform ensured that customers searching the main L&G site were able to find content that is housed on smaller microsites.

For instance, a person wanting to opt-out of a pension will now be guided to the correct website where they will find the information needed. This capability is powered by the Funnelback best-bets system.

The need for this facility was recognized by L&G after a review of Funnelback’s easy-to-use reports outlining top searches and searches which triggered additional searches or excessive pagination. In total there are now eighteen searches powering a superior search facility on the L&G website delivering auto-suggestion, automated spelling correction, and dynamic search results.

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