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The customer

Macmillan Cancer Support is a UK registered charity that provides practical, medical, emotional, and financial support to people affected by cancer, and pushes for better cancer care. The organization has grown from strength to strength and in 2006 became known as Macmillan Cancer Support. In 2011, Macmillan raised over £144 million, the biggest percentage of which came from will legacies.

The challenge

With the responsibility to host information that ranges from clinical cancer content for an internal audience through to campaign messaging and updates for a public audience; the search solution had to be capable of handling multiple formats of information from multiple sources, and display them side by side in a consistently intuitive and accessible interface.

As well as having a search solution that were able to:

  • Create a simple, intuitive, and powerful search
  • Provide solutions to archive duplicate and out of date content
  • Index and search social media content
  • Address needs of internal and external users
  • The improved search efficiency not only translates into a better intranet experience for our staff but also into real business benefits for the organization

    Kerry Blackadar
    Macmillan Cancer Support
    The approach

    To address the project aims, a solution of SharePoint, people, library & website search was chosen for implementation. Funnelback and Macmillan worked together to split the project into two main areas, intranet search, and website search.

    A search page was created and integrated within SharePoint. The end result encompassed searches as individual tabs on the search page, allowing the user to switch between each set of search results for a single query

    Macmillan also has two separate sites and both sites were included in the website search implementation. One of the sites is extensively used by Macmillan professionals and holds a substantial amount of information relating to fundraising. Previously, Macmillan professionals and supporters were unable to return results when searching using the well-known ‘MAC code’ identifier. After re-indexing the site content with Funnelback, the search results now return the correct product when either the MAC code or any part of the product name is entered as a search term.

    The results

    Macmillan’s internal and external users now have increased findability of content across all systems. The custom front-end interface is designed to address specific user requirements and provide an easy to use, incredibly powerful search tool with:

  • Increased findability of content
  • External and internal users provided with a powerful search tool
  • E-commerce search on be.Macmillan
  • Search capability added to the Macmillan Evidence Portal, allowing search across internal documents and web content.
  • Tools provided to manage Macmillan’s corporate taxonomy
  • Taxonomy vocabulary incorporated
  • Extensive amount of duplicate or out-of date content found and archived
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