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The customer

Serving over 7,500 students per year, National Park College is located 45 minutes southwest of Little Rock, Arkansas, and is the fourth-largest community college in the state. The External Affairs office is responsible for managing the College’s brand, advertising, media relations and communications as well as web development.

The challenge

After years of lacking proper tools to check accessibility compliance and unsatisfied with their site’s usability, the web team at NPC faced a new challenge. Accessibility, search, and SEO were three areas they were lacking across the board.

The marketing and PR team at National Park College (NPC) were looking for a way to identify and correct WCAG accessibility issues and improve their underutilized and largely ineffective site search tool. The team chose Squiz's platform Funnelback as the all-in-one solution for search and accessibility, providing more features and flexibility than they had before.

NPC wanted:

  • Full control over search appearance, result rankings, and synonyms to guide users in the
    right direction.
  • Visibility over how visitors are searching the site and what they’re searching for
  • Top unanswered queries to identify content gaps and opportunities to recommend alternatives.
  • Accessibility tools to identify WCAG errors and recommended solutions.
  • Integrations with major databases

The transition was quick and painless...with little time investment from our staff. The team at Squiz was exceptional.

Melony Ritter
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
The approach

In collaboration with Squiz, NPC implemented Funnelback and improved the way their search was implemented, and focused on solving the accessibility challenge by making the user experience as inclusive as possible to equip all students for success.

The web team used the content and accessibility auditors available in their search engine Funnelback. The results provided them with data-driven insight to improve accessibility to comply with WCAG standards. It also helped them to review content quality and identify content that was duplicated.

Funnelback provided a functional UX and design and robust search guides users to the right content. Creating a search that is robust helped NPC understand that search data is valuable. This helped the marketing team leverages data on popular search terms, unanswered queries, and curated results to make better-informed decisions about their navigation and overall usability. Which facilitated in creating a shorter and better user journey.

The results we were able to accomplish far exceeded what we originally believed was feasible with our small web staff

Melony Ritter
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
The results

NPC now has an all-in-one dashboard to improve web governance, visibility, and provide actionable insights. NPC gained real benefits from their new search tool and they solved their accessibility challenge.

Equipped with the right tools, the team is prioritizing the usability and functionality of their website with a search solution that delights users and an inclusive web experience that grants everyone access to the content they need. In line with the strategic goals of the college, the team now has KPIs to share with leadership.

Within the first year NPC achieved:

  • 93.5% decrease in accessibility issues
  • Reduced their compliance errors from well over 200,000 to 13,000
  • Improved all search results and ranking
  • Passed all internal web page testing
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