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The Challenge

The Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS) is a third party accreditation organisation in the UK, setting industry standards against health and safety benchmarks. Suppliers complete assessments against health and safety processes before being added to the CHAS database (which has more than 900 public and private sector client organisations and 70,000 contractors registered).

CHAS wanted to reduce churn when communicating to suppliers whose certifications required renewal (suppliers complete an annual assessment to remain in the database). They also wanted to digitalise their marketing, improving customer experiences and delivering more personalised content.


CHAS approached Marketo, an American software company that provides Marketing Automation software, to help them with their renewals program and automate elements of their marketing.

Squiz has been a top-tier Marketo partner for over a decade and was brought in to partner on the project and to manage the implementation of Marketo’s Marketing Automation software. Marketo reduces the complexity of modern digital marketing by bringing together all of the essential customer data seamlessly in one unified engagement platform. Customer information can be tailored and personalised.

"The system has already improved the way we communicate with suppliers; we’ve been able to completely transform our online customer engagement experience. The processes implemented to support the system have immediately improved the relationship between marketing and sales, streamlining our workflow, helping to deliver on our business objectives and goals."

Dermot Maurer
Head of Marketing
  • Reduced churn and increased conversions.
  • Doubling of online renewal rates via a more streamlined certification renewal process and automated reminder emails to suppliers.
  • More regular communication with suppliers about activities and changes that affect their assessments.
  • Campaigns with tailored messaging relevant for each target’s interests and requirements, linking to personalised landing pages or specific areas of interest.
  • Capability to give buyers a more accurate and personalised list of potential suppliers based on their needs.
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