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Developed with council input

Funnelback for Local Government incorporates the features most requested by council digital leaders, designed with UX best practices.

Seamless search experience

Serve consolidated search results from disparate sources such as your websites, directories, calendars, databases, geospatial data, FAQs, documents, social media and videos…

Support customer self-service

Understand your website users’ search behaviour and discern search trends on analytics dashboards. Use Funnelback’s search master tools to promote important information, support customer task completion, and improve the overall search experience.

Key features

Improved search, powered by Funnelback

Funnelback’s multi-factor search algorithm delivers highly relevant results out-of-the-box, automatically fine-tuned with continuous machine learning from actual user behaviour. Your team can also train the search algorithm to return desired results for specific keywords

Results designed for residents

Your search results page can be much more helpful than just 10 blue links on a page. Funnelback for Local Government’s search results page is designed for council website users, with user-support features including  tabbed filtering, faceted navigation, list or card view and smart result summaries

Directory of council services

Connect your residents, businesses and other users to the right service quicker. Funnelback for Local Government includes an A - Z service directory, allowing users to browse your council services alphabetically from the search results page, without the need for a search term to expose the results

Predictive search

As your user starts entering a search term or phrase, Funnelback presents real-time query-completion suggestions - saving time, and increasing the chances of a successful search. Multi-channel presentation structures suggestions into a ‘search concierge’, guiding users to popular, important, or high-value content.

Favoriting and saved search history

Help your residents and business users save time through ‘favoriting’ frequently visited search results such as bin collection days, or saving their search history for research or information gathering

Promote key council messages and services

User Funnelback’s Curator feature to guide users towards task completion, key information, or desired behaviour, by promoting results or highlighting information at the top of the search results page for designated search terms

Analytics and auditors

Funnelback for Local Government includes comprehensive search analytics for actionable insight into user behavior and intent, and alerts your team to emerging search trends.Powerful reporting tools leverage core search engine functionality to help you improve your website content readability and accessibility

Some of our government customers

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The new citizen expectation: Rethinking digital transformation in local government

In order to stay at the forefront of citizen service delivery, throughout this period of accelerated change, local governments must focus on both current and future citizen needs, as well as the emerging technologies and processes that will enable them to deliver these goals.

Improving digital services to drive better citizen experiences

The pandemic has significantly ramped up the need for government entities at all levels to provide more information and services online, accelerating their digital transformation timelines.

Funnelback for Local Government

A transformative, and powerful yet flexible website search tool for council websites, Funnelback for Local Government makes site search simple, cost-effective, improves customer experience, and most importantly, it's highly relevant to your industry.

Local Government Association of South Australia

With responsibility for hosting and supporting over 60 clients (councils and local government associations) across South Australia and Tasmania, the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA SA) went to tender and selected Squiz as their digital partner when their existing CMS began reaching end of life.

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Calculating the cost of customer experience

When COVID-19 began impacting organizations across the world, an already highly pressured department was suddenly placed under greater pressure – to do even more, with even less.

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