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An intuitive, AI- driven search solution

Funnelback program finder’s dynamic auto-suggest feature and underlying intelligence guides students through programs to see what fits them best

Compare, filter and shortlist

We know students can be uncertain. Students can compare courses, filter by career, save and shortlist their favorites to return to them later

Customize the search results

Promote specific programs and create an experience unique to your institution

Key features

Browse, search and filter

Funnelback Program Finder allows the end-user to choose a layout most convenient to them depending upon their unique preferences, age, etc. Faceted navigation allows students to filter programs or courses to match their desired location, mode of delivery, or level of study

The Concierge

Concierge is a lightning fast autocomplete that instantly presents content by category to lead students to high-value courses or programs. Search-as-you-type reduces the chance of spelling mistakes, helps to prevent users from arriving at dead ends

Configurable result summaries

Give more context to the visitor by adding information like length, course code, entry requirements, etc. helping students to navigate to the right page, and increasing conversion

Compare, favorite and shortlist degrees

Attract prospects and students to the right degree. Showcase degrees through search, and provide easy comparisons via functionality like favoriting and shortlisting. See a significant return on investment by driving enrolment and superpower the student search experience

The Curator

Guide the student journey by promoting and modifying results so students find quick answers with the most relevant programs and courses. Drive traffic to the most relevant content and streamline UX by creating your own rules, triggers, and appearance of search results

Synonyms and Tuning

Resolve the issue of varying language differences between internal jargon and external audiences. For example, linking “advertising” to “marketing”. With Funnelback you can also train the search algorithm with the ideal results as per your preferences. Indicate which documents are most relevant to a particular search term, and the algorithm will adjust the ranking to closely match your preferred set

Analytics & Auditors

The Funnelback Program Finder includes comprehensive search analytics and auditing tools to uncover user behavior and identify accessibility, ranking and content issues across your digital library of program information

Some of our higher education customers

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Victoria University of Wellington
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A great student experience begins with search

Search is the engine of student experience, not just because of what it does, but what it enables. For students moving onto university, there's a lot to learn and it begins long before the first lecture. Now, more than ever, the pressure is on to provide high-quality education with a great student experience.

The guide to site search for higher education

In Higher Education, more site visitors are relying on search as their primary form of navigation, and they are using it for more than just finding the right content. Searchers convert at higher rates, spend more time looking at valuable pages, and have higher levels of engagement.

Funnelback - Program Finder

The Funnelback program finder is an out-of-the-box solution for higher education websites. Download the Product Guide to learn about the features of this powerful tool.

Why Content Silos Shouldn’t Get in the Way of a Good Student Search Experience

In digital, the term ‘silo’ is rarely positive. In order for a digital experience to work well, it needs to be seamless, fast and, most of all, accessible. If content or data is siloed, it’s quite literally isolated and inaccessible, which makes navigating and searching for content very difficult.

A new content strategy for higher ed

Gen Z has no tolerance for websites without personalization.

Funnelback for higher education

Funnelback for Higher Education, an out of the box site search solution for higher education websites.

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