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Engaging presentation

Search results are more than just links. The presentation layer enables results to be displayed as videos, tiles, tabs or even web pages. So that they're quick to understand and easy to engage with.

Relevant results

The use of machine learning and specific user traits, plus the ability to ingest content from a wide range of content stores, generates relevant and highly personalized results.

Content analytics

A suite of analytics tools make it easy for marketers and content creators to identify content gaps, understand content rankings and make content visible to the right visitors.

Key features

Industry specific templates

Funnelback leverages decades of experience transforming the user experience across key industries like Higher Education, Finance, Government and Associations. Funnelback templates (such as Program Finder) include the most requested and highest quality features for your organization.

Machine learning

Sophisticated machine learning intelligently tunes the search algorithm based on specific user traits like permission levels, location and content interactions, so that the most relevant results are presented to each visitor.

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Marketing dashboard

An easy to understand UI makes it easy to view hot search trends, identify content gaps and see which content visitors are engaging with. It's a powerful tool that helps marketers influence a content strategy, PR plan or website design.

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Content auditor

Automated governance of digital content based on the parameters you define ensures you stay on top of your content. It helps you stay on brand, avoid duplicate titles, clean up broken links or even avoid releasing sensitive information.

SEO auditor

Better understand how search engines rank your content and identify the reasons for ranking positions, as well as guidance around SEO best practices so you can make sure the right content is being seen all the time.

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Accessibility auditor

This suite of quick-fix tools and advice contains over 100 unique Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and checks to make your content accessible to anyone on any device. On demand reports advise content owners of any improvements to help them meet accessibility requirements.

Dynamic content presentation

Your website reflects your brand and having the most engaging presentation of results helps you stand out from your competitors. More than just plain links, you can choose embedded videos, social media posts, autofill-as-you-type, and a fully flexible interface that can include tabs, filters and images.

Some of our customers

Create and choreograph your digital services with an open DXP
Store and serve customer data that delivers true personalization.
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Create one digital application ecosystem with flexible, pre-configured integrations.
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Create, manage and publish content across your digital channels from one place.
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Site-search solutions for your industry

Funnelback Program Finder
Out-of-box template built upon best practices for Higher Education
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Funnelback Search for Local Government
Community-centric site search designed specifically for local governments
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Funnelback Search for Higher Education
Help students easily find what they’re looking for, fast.
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Funnelback for higher education

Funnelback for Higher Education, an out of the box site search solution for higher education websites.

Funnelback for Local Government

A transformative, and powerful yet flexible website search tool for council websites, Funnelback for Local Government makes site search simple, cost-effective, improves customer experience, and most importantly, it's highly relevant to your industry.

The digital employee experience: How to leverage technology to create digital EX with strong ROI

It’s an understatement to say COVID-19 shook up the traditional office “9-to-5” landscape. Even areas least affected by the pandemic have experienced monumental changes.

Increase conversions and cut-through with site search

For marketers under pressure to achieve greater growth and conversions, the urge to drive more traffic back to the website can distract from the easiest win of all... those who have already reached your website.

London South Bank University

LSBU saw a 13% increase in online conversions – beating the target of 8% and Reached #1 on the Sitemorse ranking.

Boost ROI with Site Search: Marketers Guide

Whether your site is focused on brand recognition, servicing customers, selling products, or conversation, an effective site search strategy is vital in driving conversions and increasing the return on investment from each customer interaction.


The biggest change is that F16 is that's its available in the Squiz Experience Cloud, so you can access and manage it alongside your other Squiz products. With that comes a new UI that matches the other Squiz DXP products. We've also introduced reusable plugin framework and updated the search package so that it’s much easier to see the relationship between the display results and their data source

Yes, it’s been designed to work as a hosted and SaaS product so you can choose the best deployment option for you

We currently host in the US and Australia and we will soon host in the UK. If you require hosting in the UK please get in touch

Yes! Funnelback’s cloud service allows for a dynamic crawl schedule set by you. Search indexes are usually updated based on consideration of their last update time and size. This ensures that indexes are updated as frequently and as efficiently as possible.

Funnelback also allows administrators to automatically  push documents into Funnelback Search using a REST API.

Yes - Funnelback’s search templates are structured to adhere to the WCAG AA accessibility guidelines. The templates are fully customizable allowing WCAG accessible standards to be implemented to your standard.

In addition, Funnelbacks Accessibility Auditor, designed for management and web developers, is available for all end-users of the Marketing Dashboard. This auditor reports where accessibility errors exist across the entire search index

Funnelback offers broad support for multilingual searches regardless of the query language. If a search user enters a keyword in a specific language, documents that match that language will return. For a full list of supported languages, visit our documentation.

Funnelback supports the internalization and localization of search pages. For example, if an end user searches in Portuguese from a Portuguese-speaking nation, the search interface can automatically change to a Portuguese version

Pricing of a Funnelback subscription is predictable, based on an annual subscription model.

Unlike most search vendors, the amount you pay is determined solely by the number of URLs, Documents and Records you wish to search over, regardless of search usage or the number of different websites or repositories indexed

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