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Drive retention and acquisition

Funnelback creates highly relevant promoted results targeting customers, creating opportunities to cross-sell, acquire and retain. A better search experience means a higher potential to grow your revenue

Optimize campaigns

Ensure continuous campaign exposure across media, platforms and silos. Configure ‘set and forget’ campaigns and promotions on marketing dashboard to gain site-wide coverage without additional spend

Ensure security

Meet and exceed compliance requirements with sophisticated enterprise security and compatibility with a range of security and compliance solutions

Key features

Optimize the site search experience

Funnelback for finance offers a seamless transition between browsing and searching. With search results optimized for your business, customers find exactly what they need with targeted in-search promotions

The Concierge

Amazon shoppers know the importance of sophisticated auto-complete functionality. Funnelback Concierge is a next-gen suggestion engine that uses multiple sources to find a more personalized search experience for customers vis-à-vis traditional auto-complete

Streamline internal and external data

Funnelback is a powerful enterprise search solution. It bridges data silos by securely integrating CRM, diverse databases, external market sources, email and intranet files while adhering to data laws and user rights. It also allows easy and secure access to critical data on internal resources (such as SharePoint or Salesforce)

Extend campaigns across the site

Deliver key messages and campaigns across your website, including the search results page. Tailor campaigns to customer need using data such as location and previous searches

Be confident in compliance

Meet and exceed mandated requirements for fiduciary security, transparency and redundancy for your sensitive records with sophisticated enterprise security which is integrated out of the box, and compatibility with a range of security and compliance solutions

Real-time insights to create a personalized customer experience

With the Marketing Dashboard, develop and track sophisticated marketing efforts and tie your work to specific KPIs. Discover opportunities for engagement with intuitive built-in solutions to expose the right content at the right time

Some of our Financial Services customers

Create and choreograph your finance services with an open DXP
Create, manage and publish content across your digital channels from one place.
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A web search platform that makes it easy to find exactly what you want.
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Store and serve customer data that delivers true personalization.
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Create one digital application ecosystem with flexible, pre-configured integrations.
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