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Over our 20+ years in business, we’ve been working hard at Squiz to refine and define what we bring to the table to support teams in higher education. And we’re excited to be able to showcase our latest capabilities.

Olivia Tunhage

Olivia Tunhage 18 September 2022

Higher Ed We're Ready To Help


    Because, HE teams; we understand the challenges you’re facing, and we’re here to help.

    Firstly, can you relate?

    You might take some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone when it comes to your digital and data challenges. In fact, I’d estimate that 90% of the institutions we speak to say that their biggest challenges stem from the use of disparate systems, and “don’t get us started on data” - a direct quote from many conversations!

    These issues manifest themselves in a number of ways:

    1. Your content is siloed

    Your content sits in several different repositories; websites, learning management systems, student information systems; it’s vast and no one can find what they’re looking for. The result? Frustrated staff and less-than-satisfied prospective students.

    2. And so is your data

    So siloed, in fact, that you’d think you were separate institutions. Your faculty members can’t access application data and your enrollment team doesn’t understand how students are progressing. You need a single source of truth. The result? It takes 10 times longer than necessary to share information across teams, and students are frustrated with the apparent ‘bureaucracy’ that exists.

    3. Change is constant

    Your enrollment marketers are scrambling to keep up with the rate of change. With a huge portfolio of programs to market and legacy systems to contend with, it’s a challenge to create the seamless cross-channel experiences students have come to expect. The result? 75% of student enquiries go unanswered and marketing stress levels are elevated.

    But with those challenges comes opportunity; the opportunity to empower your teams and engage your students through improved digital experiences. And this is what we’re talking to higher education institutions across the globe about, every day.

    Our latest capabilities

    Program Finder

    The challenge for website managers in your space is that your site has to be everything for everyone; a source of support for existing students, a content repository for staff, and a hub of information for prospective students looking to find the right program. Through our experience working with higher education institutions, we have realised that site search sometimes isn’t enough.

    That’s why we’ve built Program Finder.

    Program Finder is an out of the box tool that helps your website users find what they want, quickly and easily; it’s a search tool that delivers results specific to your courses and programs of study.

    Some features include: -

    • Search based on vocation, showing all programs to help prospective students get on their career path.
    • Program comparison.
    • Lead generation - users are able to email search results to themselves, and data is provided to enrollment teams.
    • The ability to promote programs and content of interest.

    What does this mean? Your site users can find what they’re looking for and your copy writers are no longer torn between which audience to write for.

    Student Portals

    We know that 44% of students have said that they would switch schools if the alternative school offered a better digital experience. Let that sink in for a minute.

    Your online interactions with students need to be simple and seamless; gone are the days where students accept printed timetables, email notifications and multiple system logins to navigate the university ecosystem. Instead, they want single sign-on and sleek communications.

    This is where our Student Portal tool comes in. This is another out of the box solution built over years of experience working closely with universities across the globe. Our template pulls your data from your student information and learning management systems, your social feeds and even more data points.

    The results:

    • Students never miss a message, with notifications housed behind one login.
    • Students stay on top of their studies, with timetables and workload managed digitally.
    • Communities are developed, with official news and events being sent directly to the student’s social feed.

    What does that all mean? Better student experience, increased retention rates.

    Did you know? Squiz is recognized by Gartner as a niche player in the higher education space. In fact, we’re the only DXP to have been reviewed and recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as having specialist products and services for the HE market.