The Challenge

In a market dominated by organisations with short-term strategies and high-growth targets PMSquare refused to sacrifice the core values of its business in order to make a quick dollar.

PMSquare are adamant about maintaining the organisation around its current size. Instead of concentrating on strong growth, PMSquare's ambition is to enable staff to effectively share knowledge, learn and, importantly, maintain client focus. They only hire specialist consultants with a significant toolset and consulting skill set.

Despite its relatively small size, PMSquare is doing big things, driven by determination to create a great customer experience. Most of their clients come via word of mouth, referrals from networks, other business partners, IBM or conferences. Current customers include companies such as Sanofi, Johnson and Johnson, Bega Cheese, SDV, Martin Brower, Cunningham Lindsey and Volkswagen.

With already doing so many things to delight their clients, they still wanted to make a significant, positive change on the business. The main frustration came from the struggle to compile reports required by IBM. As a Premier Business Partner, PMSquare is required to report opportunity management to IBM on a regular basis. The process to compile this data had always been slow.

All the information that is required was stored in emails, and someone needed to pull it out and then manually enter it into a spreadsheet. This was a time-consuming and tedious task every time the reports were due and PMSquare wanted their staff to be able to focus on the client, not manual data collection.

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The Solution

After considering a number of CRM systems on the market, PMSquare finally settled on SugarCRM. They found that other products they looked at were either too big or didn't have the flexibility, or the ability to integrate with their existing systems.

PMSquare approached Squiz's Insights team to provide specialist advise. Although PMSquare knew they had the expertise in-house to implement a CRM system without too much assistance, they wanted a local partner, who was able to provide support throughout the implementation phase and resolve issues expediently should the need arise.

The flexibility of SugarCRM allowed them to customise the system to suit their purpose. A modification was made to the Opportunities Module that enabled PMSquare to set up fields mirroring the information necessary for IBM reporting. With the addition of an Excel plug-in, it is now an easy task to download information from the CRM system into a spreadsheet, and dispatch to IBM.

Implementing SugarCRM has also changed the way opportunity management and lead tracking are handled. Leads follow-up used to be a random process, but implementing SugarCRM has provided a more rigid structure, making contact with leads more regular. This has enabled a faster progression of leads through the process, from enquiry, to qualification, and ultimately lead conversion.

"SugarCRM has given us more transparency. We now have one centralised area to store information."Carsten Brandt, Managing Director of PMSquare

Having one central place to store data means ready access to information, for all parts of the business, as and when required.

The Result

Since the implementation of SugarCRM, PMSquare has experienced an enormous difference, especially for the purpose of reporting. What used to be a painful task is now a minor part of the working week.

A core value of the business is "investment in continuous innovation, knowledge expansion and hands on experience – to serve clients as their needs grow."

Implementation of SugarCRM has demonstrated this commitment and, although only a small part of the system's capability is being used presently, there is a huge potential to further strengthen the business. PMSquare is excited by the possibilities and aim to use other modules of SugarCRM in the future.

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