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5 ways to get customers using your digital services

Having a clear roll-out plan can make all the difference between delivering on your business objectives, or delivering a project that no-one uses.

When it comes down to it, getting people to actually use your new digital platform or service requires a behavioural change. Not a strong suit for most of us humans!

Aside from designing a kick-ass portal that’s intuitive and easy-to-use, how else can you encourage tech adoption among customers and employees?

Here are five of the most successful ways that we know of to drive uptake.

1. Communicate early and often

While your project team may be reluctant to share too much too early, holding out can be counterintuitive to generating trust, engagement and advocacy for your project.

Bringing people along on the journey doesn’t need to be onerous. Short updates via internal channels on your progress (or lack of), coupled with simple external comms like email or web banners and social posts go a long way to building a supportive environment and preparing employees and customers for the change ahead.

Encourage feedback and suggestions throughout the project. This not only helps people feel involved, it can be key to finding solutions for tricky problems and provide inspiration that takes you in an even better direction.

2. Built trust to encourage use

Before they’ll engage with you online, customers need to trust that you can securely handle their data, and that your online options are better than the alternative.

That means educating them about your self-service options, meeting any objections proactively before they arise and providing clear and concise calls to action.

Be available to support customers with questions through a variety of channels including customer support, live chat and a feedback channel. Be transparent and open about the changes and make as much information available to customers as possible.

3. Make sign-up easy

It’s going to take more than just a new button on your website to encourage widespread use among your customers.

The aim here is to make it as easy as possible for customers to get started with your new service, so:

  • Include a call-to-action with a direct link for customers to sign-up on every digital channel available to you.
  • Track which channels have the best conversion rates and optimise your sign-up communications towards those.
  • Keep the sign-up process simple and intuitive. Reduce forms and only ask for as much data as absolutely necessary at that point in time. The more hurdles you put in front of customers, the lower your sign-up rates will be.

4. Personalise your communications

Everyone uses digital media differently. Some people prefer to receive an email, while others respond to text messages. Many use Facebook daily and others only visit their favourite news websites.

These differences mean there’s no one way to reach all of your customers with a single message blast or media buy to promote your online services.

Instead, a personalised yet structured content journey that builds trust and highlights the benefits of self-service can help drive uptake.

This might include delivering your message by email and SMS, social media, push notifications for app users and even targeted display ads.

With the right software, customer interactions with your messages can even be recorded as their preferred method, so they can continue to receive messages where they are most effective.

5. Transform your customer service team

The final critical piece of any adoption strategy is your own employees. As well as using the new technology themselves, customer service and frontline employees can become a salesforce to encourage customers to engage with you online.

With the right information, employees can support customers through the transition by walking them through account creation over the phone, setting up accounts for customers or even triggering automated emails and resources to anyone they identify as needing more support.

The value will quickly be realised once customers reduce their reliance on face-to-face staff, call centres and traditional mail.

By building trust with your customers and providing simple ways for them to get onboard, you can make sure to really start experiencing the benefits of your investment.

At Squiz, we’ve delivered hundreds of digital projects for enterprise and government clients. Speak to us about how to ensure the success of your next digital service.

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