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In the first few weeks of Australia’s first confirmed case of COVID-19, two main camps emerged in the business world – those that immediately embraced remote working, and those who delayed it for as long as possible.

Managing remote workers presents an entirely new set of challenges for organisations and goes well beyond simply providing workers with a laptop and scheduling regular online video conferences. In fact, isolation and inadequate IT present two of the biggest challenges for successful remote working.

37% of workers citing loneliness and 32% poor connectivity as the main obstacles to productivity, when working from home

The lockdown life we experienced at the beginning of 2020 was never intended to be a long-term solution; however, despite pandemic restrictions already easing throughout ANZ, social distancing and a more flexible approach to working will very much become part of the new normal.

Download the eBook, “Post COVID-19: How to future proof your workplace“, to start:

  • Transitioning to a new remote office and creating a digitally enabled workplace.
  • Enhancing the employee experience with supported internal systems and technology.
  • Creating a successful virtual work culture with 5 tips on keeping employees engaged.

Download this eBook to learn about the practical tools and resources businesses need post-COVID-19 to future proof their workplace.

Download the eBook

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