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Squiz announces the next evolution of the Squiz Digital Experience Platform

Squiz customers can now integrate faster, personalise in real-time, and speed up content delivery across channels by leveraging market leading templates.

Sydney, 24 October, 2019 Squiz today announced the next evolution of Squiz DXP, it’s Digital Experience Platform. The expanded capability of Squiz DXP enables Squiz clients to optimise both their customer experience and business processes across all of their current and future digital touchpoints. Squiz DXP’s expanded capabilities combine headless CMS, customer data storage, automated integrations, and a growing library of industry-specific templates all hosted on a cloud platform. This can now be managed from one single user interface designed to create unlimited customer touchpoints.

"Many businesses are locked into expensive technology stacks that force them into monolithic technology from one supplier. But we’ve decided that easier and lower cost integration must be a core capability within our DXP,” said Squiz CEO and co-founder John-Paul Syriatowicz.

Squiz has made significant investment into making it easier and faster for customers to build integrated and seamless digital experiences. With more than 100 integrations available, including the recent additions of Fullstory, Mixpanel and Hotjar, Squiz customers can take advantage of some of the most cutting-edge CX tools available on the market.

And while Squiz customers have long had the ability to create personalised experiences, the new Datastore service will enable organisations to store data about customer interactions to deliver more relevant content in real-time to every individual user.

“Our customers are looking to both simplify the routine tasks of running their digital channels and to leverage their data to optimise and personalise the customer experience. To do this organisations require advanced data orchestration and service automation. We’ve now made significant investment into data management and APIs to set our customers up for their digital future” said Matthew Adney, Squiz Chief Product Officer.

Finally, content authoring across channels is now easier than ever. New, premium website templates give users the ability to create and publish multi-component web pages within minutes.  While enhanced content APIs enable editing from one simple interface across unlimited customer touchpoints including websites, mobile sites, mobile and digital apps, customer portals, intranets, kiosks and connected digital experiences.

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About Squiz

For more than 20 years Squiz products and solutions have helped enterprise organizations to create and scale digital services that increase customer value. Squiz technology helps you deliver a consistent experience across multiple channels providing easier and more secure customer interactions.

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